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Project Breakdowns

The Tower

The Tower: Demolition

This project has been one of my most technically involved projects to date. While it started out as an exercise in RBDs and destruction, it became the ultimate test of immense data management, optimization, and pipeline creation.

I began this project by procedurally modeling the tower in Houdini. By building the tower myself, not only did I get the opportunity to create it "brick by brick", but I also got to group the different parts of the tower as I worked, which helped a lot when it came to fracturing later on.

Creating the secondary details on the tower involved a lot of repetitive processes; therefore, I created a few tools to help make them more efficient. 

The tools shown above:

  • The Curvy Bricks Tool: Used to generate a random brick pattern that fits along an input curve. Used primarily for the windows and arches on the tower.

  • The Brick Boolean Tool: Used to cleanly and efficiently boolean many bricks at the same time. Used to carve out holes for door and windows.

  • The Vine Generator Tool: Creates a series of noisy curves that minimally intersect with the input geometry. Used to create the vines on the tower.