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FX Artist

Software Skills

  • Houdini

    • Redshift

    • Karma

    • TOPs/PDG

    • Solaris/USD

    • VEX Scripting

    • HDA/OTL Creation

  • Nuke

    • 2D/3D Compositing

    • Matchmoving

  • Python

    • Tool Creation

  • Maya

    • Vray

    • Arnold

    • Phoenix FD

Summary of Skills

Dynamic Effect Simulations

  • Ability to create realistic Pyro and FLIP fluid simulations, Rigid Body Dynamics, Particles, and Procedural effects. 

  • Create efficient and scalable procedural setups.


Effects Rendering

  • Ability to light, shade, and integrate effects to match live action plates.

  • Ability to shade volumes, liquids, particles, magic, and geometry procedurally.

  • Developing skills in USD rendering workflows.


Quick and Eager to Learn

  • Stays up to date on new processes and software.

  • Takes initiative to fill gaps in knowledge and experience


Interested in my work? Reach out and let me know, I'd love to chat!

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